Rwanda Association of Environmental Health (RWAEH)was established by Ministerial order N°48/08.11OF15/03/2012.The association carry out its activities in the entire Rwandan territory.

The association has the following objectives:

    • To hold conferences, congresses, workshops, lectures or other scientific symposia to progress the development of environmental health services and to disseminate knowledge on the science and application of environmental health practice;
    • To advise on curriculum development of training programmes and the criteria for determining the professional qualification of environmental health practitioners;
    • To protect and promote the individual and collective interests of members and to make such representation to Government and other bodies or persons as may be necessary for this purpose;
    • To promote the continuing development of members and their professional advancement;
    • To promote and facilitate the holding of displays and exhibitions of devices, apparatus, appliances and demonstration of the same in their application in the promotion of environmental health activities;
    • To develop friendly relations and cooperation with other associations both national and international pursuing the same objectives;
    • To encourage people to initiate research work, on any topic related to environmental health.